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Project Description
This is a fork of the SharpPDF project to make PDF creation/manipulation/viewing possible within WP7 apps.

Additional Info
I ported this library to WP7 for my app "The Amazing! Comic Book Viewer" It works well.

If you are looking for samples, then head over to the PDFSharp main project's site -- and check out there samples. About the only think you might have issues with is fonts.

This project is not that well tested. It is a simple port that I made available to others in the early days of WP Development. I would recommend that you look at a different project of mine:

One more important thing: If you are looking for something to help you VIEW PDFs and what you want does not consist of extracting the images from the PDF (in other words you want text with fonts), you will need to look elsewhere.

This library is not a full featured PDF parser that you can use to build a reader/viewer of PDFs

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